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Top 15 Halloween Letter Boards You Don't Want to Miss - Letter Board Quotes

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s that time to refresh the letter board. If you haven’t purchased your letter board yet it’s not too late – Amazon Prime offers 1-day shipping. If you need some ideas, check out our Letter Board Buying Guide.

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Let’s get on with the list of our favorite Halloween Letter Boards


Whether it’s on a t-shirt or a letter board, the phrase “I’m Just Here for the Boos” is classic. Let’s grab some vino and continue!


I can smell the pumpkin spice from here. Must be Fall!


Not going to scare this lil’ pumpkin. Or wake up a sleeping baby. Let’s quickly move to #12.


The text is pretty cheezy, but I just love the orientation of the letters and the mix of white and gold characters. It just pops out at you.


I’m talking about all of the candy. Not just a few pieces, my dear! Recently, I bought a few 60 piece bags. But if we aren’t able to hand all of it out, there’s some nice charities that collect fun-size candies and donate it to the veterans. Win-win.


If you don’t instantly recognize the hair in this picture, then leave. Just leave. No seriously. Go and watch Hocus Pocus now! You’ll thank me later.

Hocus Pocus, starring Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker, is a phenomenally hilarious movie. It’s a Halloween favorite.


Not just any coffee, but Pumpkin Spice latte. My letter board just gets me, ya know!


Kara’s Party Ideas

I’m always creepin’ it real, ya’ll.


Why stop at the Reese’s? Snickers? I’ll take those. M&M’s? Yup – hand it over. Almond Joy? Nah. You can keep that.


Restless Risa

We’re at #6 and Halloween is approaching.


Bombshell Bling

Loving the letter board candy corn style. Who actually manufactures candy corn? Somehow they just show up every Halloween.


Insta Design Studio

Awww. How cute. Letter boards can be so versatile!


We included this picture in our Top 26 Letter Board Quote list, but it receives another mention in the Halloween list. I love the aesthetics and the Harry Potter Funko Pops.


This was also listed in our Top 26 Letter Board Idea list. This reminds me so much of Pac-Man so it deserves a #2 spot.


Taylor Made Creates

So we cheated a bit on this one since it’s not technically a letter board, but how can you compete with a real-life letter board?

That’s a wrap! Let’s get ready for those Thanksgiving Letter Boards!