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Top 19 Thanksgiving Letter Board Quotes - Letter Board Quotes

Here’s the best collection of the top 26 Thanksgiving Letter Board Quotes. With Thanksgiving around the corner it’s important to start planning your letter board. We just wrapped up our Best Halloween Letter Board Quote post, so of course it’s time for our Turkey Day Letter Board Extravaganza.

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#1. May Your Turkey Be Moist and May No One Use That Word To Describe It

Thanksgiving + Turkey + Moist = No no. Moist is such a weird word, isn’t it?

#2. Thanksgiving: Not a Good Day to Be My Pants

Yeesh. That gravy and whipped cream slathered pie is no bueno for my pants.

#3. Pumpkins, Candles, Hoodies, Fuzzy Socks, Coffee, and Apple Pie.

It’s getting lit with my pumpkin spice candles.

#4. I love Letter Board Designs. This pumpkin is awesome.

#5. Praise the Lord & Pass the Pumpkin Pie

Amen! Love the letter board!

#6. Eat Pie Count Blessings Be Thankful

Can I count pie as a blessing?

#7. Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

#8. Get Ya Gobble On

Another Thanksgiving Letter Board Design that looks great.

#9. Fall: That Beautiful Time of the Year Between Boob Sweat & Frost Bite

Has anyone ever had frost bite? That sounds awful.

#10. When You Look at Life Through The Eyes of Gratitude The World Becomes a Magical and Amazing Place

Let’s promise to be nice to everyone in 2020.

#11. Gobble Til’ Ya Wobble

Wobble Wobble ya’ll! What a nice letter board design.

#12. Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Leaves

I think I may have to have one of my letter boards with this exact quote.

#13. I Love Fall Most of All

If Fall isn’t your favorite, you may want to leave now. Seriously.

#14. You’re Never Too Old To Jump Into a Pile of Leaves

But it may hurt a bit more than when you were younger.

#15. Thankful for Stretchy Waistbands

My Old Navy pants aren’t going to “cut” it.

#16. Don’t Blame the Holidays You Were Fat in August

Don’t look at me. I didn’t say it.

#17. Thanks Fall My Muffin Top is Now a Pumpkin Roll

Yikes. This Letter Board may be too honest.

#18. What’s Not to Like? Custard Good. Jam Good. Meat Good. – Joey Tribbiani

I love Friends. I love Thanksgiving. I love Funny Letter Board Quotes.

#19. Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to Set Your Scales Back Ten Pounds This.