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Where do I buy a letter board? - Letter Board Quotes
Where do I buy a letter board?

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Quick and Dirty Letter Board Buying Guide

Letter Boards are so fun because they offer so much customization. As you can see below, some letter boards on Amazon offer over 700 changeable characters including emojis! That’s a lot of customization.

Types of Letter Boards on Amazon

Our first recommendation is to go to Amazon. Not only am I an Amazon Affiliate (see disclosure above), but I shop on Amazon all the time. Camo leggings? Hello! Teething rings. Yes, please! I also love all the shows on Prime. Can’t wait for Jack Ryan to come back. But enough about Andy (hehe), let’s talk about letter boards.

Amazon currently has a lot of letter board options, and the prices are pretty reasonable. The average price appears to be roughly $17, but it could go up or down depending on the frame and the characters included. For example, a rustic frame is going to be a bit pricier.

Felt letter boards are the standard on Amazon. If you search the first page, you will mostly find felt letter boards. However, there are other types including wood boards and lightboxes. Although I think the all wood letter boards are neat, I prefer the felt kind. I think it just has a really nice and polished look.

Letter Board Characters

Since you are the creative type, you’re going to want to purchase a letter board with a lot of characters, emojis, colors, etc. The more characters you have the more options you have to be as silly as you need to be. Some on Amazon have gold and silver characters which really amps up your game.

I’m also fond of cursive characters. That’s a nice chic touch you rarely see these days. If you want to gain that Insta klout, you have to do what it takes to stand out. So go crazy!

Letter Board Stand

The next question you have to answer is whether you want a stand or not. Although some letter boards with stands cost a few more dollars, some are still ranging between $17-$20 with the stand. If you choose to have a stand you then have to decide on the height. As you check out Amazon, you will see the dimensions of the stands, and some are admittedly really short. So it really depends on where you will be placing the stand. For example, if the stand will be on your desk, then you may want a small stand. But if you will be placing the letter board in the foyer where everyone will see once they enter your home, you may need a larger stand. Definitely be attentive to that.

Letter Boards on Target

Target.com also has some great letter boards. Not only does Target have the standard letter boards, letter board letter packs, but Target has something I haven’t seen on Amazon. The Bread Letterboard is a unique spin that will definitely turn some heads.


So that’s the quick and dirty letter board buying guide. I wish you the best of luck! And share some pics with us!