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26 Awesome Letter Board Ideas - Letter Board Quotes

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26 of the Best Letter Board Quotes

What did we do before Letter Boards? Seriously, I don’t think I remember a day before I walked into someone’s house/apartment/dorm room without seeing some funny or sarcastic letter board. Over time, I’ve fallen in love with everything letter boards: quotes, funny sayings, sarcastic sayings. That’s why I created this little slice of heaven to showcase my favorite letter board ideas I’ve seen on the interwebs. If you have come across some please let me know, and I’ll be sure to share it!

Without further ado, here’s my top 26 favorite letter boards:

  1. Awesome Halloween Letter Board

This is pretty f’n cool. I’ve seen my fair share of letter boards in my lifetime, but this is one of the more creative ones I’ve seen. Plus, extra points for the Harry Potter Funko Pops!

2. Boo!

Another awesome Halloween letter board idea. I’m loving the Halloween creativity!

3. You can’t make everybody happy. You’re not Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Especially with some pineapple. Don’t tell me you don’t like pineapple!

4. If you Fall I’ll be There – the Floor

After a night of drinking the floor may be your best friend. Ooh, and I really like the gray letter board and the use of the arrow. So chic!

5. I Have No Idea What the Hell I’m Doing

Sounds pretty accurate! At least they know to pair a succulent with a fabulous letter board.

6. A Poem About Work

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? It used to be 4, but I’ve cut back significantly since then. However, if I ever had to make a letter board rather than going to Amazon or Target I would pour a 5th.

7. Let’s Eat Grandma!

This is a fairly popular saying. I remember seeing this on t-shirts and other apparel. So of course if I see the quote on a letter board then you the quote is still relevant.

8. I Scream You Scream We’re All Screaming Cause We’ve Got Kids

So true. I have 2 boys, and this house gets super duper loud around bath time. Sometimes we all just need some ice cream.

9. Surround Yourself with Tacos Not Negativity

I’m always down for taco night. Just make sure the dragons don’t eat any spicy tacos!

10. Frankly Autocorrect, I’m Getting a Bit Tired of Your Shirt

I have a friend whose name rhymes with Blevin. Blevin uses autocorrect (I don’t). However, Blevin is constantly apologizing for autocorrect failures. Hmmm…maybe you should stop using autocorrect, Blevin!

11. Nerd Talk

I have no idea what this letter board quote says. Skip.

12. My Husband’s Wife Is Freakin’ Awesome – True Story

Is anyone else bothered by the quotation in the opposite direction? Get some more letter board symbols, my dear!

13. Work Hard and Be Nice to People

This seems pretty obvious, but not everyone follows this principle. Now, drink that coffee and get back to work!

14. I’m Already Tired Tomorrow

Yikes. After working hard and finding the best letter boards while I’m supposed to be working, I’m pretty exhausted. Where was that winning wine?

15. Bad Puns. That’s How Eye Roll

I almost wrote “I” in the title. That would have been terrible. Everyone would have laughed at me rather than my list of letter boards.

16. Always Jingle All The Way. Nobody Likes a Half-Assed Jingler

Christmas is around the corner, and nothing says I love you more than a letter board. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

17. Halloween gibberish

This definitely takes creativity and some dedication. A+. I can’t wait to eat all the leftover Halloween candy.

18. Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Let’s keep the Halloween theme going strong. I wonder if chocolates were snack size or full bars? Because I may puke on my letter board if I ate 27 full size chocolate bars. Save some for the kids!

19. Dream Big

I love inspirational quotes (and those flowers). I may have to customize my letter board tomorrow with this inspirational quote.

20. Life is Short. Eat Your Dessert First.

There seems to be a thread of eating chocolate.

21. Vodka May Not Be the Answer. But It’s Worth a Shot.

Now that is one beautifully framed letter board. I bet this person has some top shelf Vodka. Get it.

22. If One Door Closes and Another One Opens, Your House is Probably Haunted

I’m going to nope right out of that one!

23. My Hands are Too Full to Handle Your Crap

Who isn’t busy these days? But maybe, take a breath, relax, and help someone in need.

24. I Love Fridays Like Kanye Loves Kanye

OK, Kanye. Where is Jesus is King? I’m patiently waiting…

25. Pregnancy Reveal

Love it! Cute Pregnancy Reveal Letter Board!

26. If You Combine Wine and Dinner the New Word is Winner

I have a few questions for this person. First, what type of wine is that? Second, do you want to have winner at my house?